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This is the first Mystic Circle cd i ever heared, and after few listenings, i can say this cd is really boring. Just 2 Songs are quite well (God is Dead, Satan Arise; Kingdom Of Blasphemy). The rest are nothing special. Riffing is simple and uninteresting, the keyboards sucks and there is no really atmosphere in the songs. Try some Songs for your own, but better donīt buy it.

Review by: Herbstnebel

Oh my god... I really thought this album was a joke when I heard it. It's completely redicilous, uninteresting and boring. Not even the "best" track, GOD IS DEAD, SATAN ARISE, is anything special. If you would like to hear satanic and brutal metal for these German wurst-eaters, then I suggest you listen to INFERNAL SATANIC VERSES instead: THAT one kicks ass!

Review by: Demonheart

6.0 ? you must be kidding right?
...This album is far beyond's beautiful...amazing...perfect...great.. (Am I repeating myself?)

Review by: vampyric

if you have given highest votes to open the gates of hell and to damien don't understand nothing of metal! open the gates of hell is bad,without satanic spirit of violence, it doesn't trasmitt nothing....damien is fast,aggressive,melodic.....this is fast melodic black metal!

Review by: impaled god

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