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bfuuu..this sucks...this album is fucking bad! the vocals are crap and the music is 95% keyboards...this is not metal but dark ambient with moron roars...there are some good riffs but the other is shit!

Review by: Zagule

The first albums aren't cool, but this is one of the worst albums of this year... Ignore this... CRAP....BLEH!!!

Review by: Flix

First it seemed to me, that the Crematory dig out from the tomb in which recently so has successfully failed. Having understood, that was mistaken, it happened after repeated listening, I have decided, that it would be better Crematory. And it Mystic Circle? The vocalist tries to sing growling, but it turns out very unpersuasively. Melodies are terribly primitive also continuation of a musical line songs is guessed from the very beginning. Drums... My nephew make the same sounds when falls from a pot. (Fortunately it happens seldom!) In all interviews Mystic Circle declared, that it will be better than Dimmu Borgir... Nothing has left! It hardly can be named sympho black. As result , do not spend your money to this shit! In my opinion...

Review by: morkh

mystic circle with anothher great album og satanic dark metal rewaly great guitar work,the new drummer does an amazing work,the keybords on this cd are not as they were on earlier album now they realy just in the back and only to create a dark atmosphere and it works!!
the vocalist changed his singing style to only growling and put all that together and you got realy great satanic dark metal

Review by: midvinter2

Great album!!!!!!
The vocals are very good and the music is even better....

What a horrible album, it really sounds like shit!!
Don't buy this one!!

Review by: Christfire

this sucks... i HATE those vocals!

Review by: astathica

Hm... Year, whatever. Standard black metal just without soul and sence of interrest. Don't go for this one, it's realy not worth it.

Review by: Demonheart

Mystic Circle..... AAAAAAAAARGHHHHHH!!!!!!! If I ever see this singer around, I'm gonna beat the crap out of him because he covered Batjory's masterpiece one road to Asa bay! Mystic circle is crap, and so are this album and their music!


Review by: svafnir

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