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This a really weird album. Weird, but good.
Don't really know what to say but it has to be said that this som of more original BM from this point of norwegian time

Review by: skinndau

One of my favourite release ever, with no doubt!! This album is amazing, sounds very original and simply kills!!! They know how to use a drum machine. Vocals seem demonized.
Indispensable for every black metal fans.

Rate: 10

Review by: BRN

The first time i've heard this album I didn't like it very much, but after a few days of listening I started to love it!It's quite strange-industrial balck metal, but it's quite cool


Review by: meshuggah

Oh yes, killer one! I remember this album in connection with some really bloody nights on LSD in an old (defunct) factory...This is one of the few albums with TOTAL destruction atmosphere and satanic spirit! Really different and absolutely "industrial black metal nostalgia" from the ī90 s.
One of the best norwegian Black metal lpīs in my opinion, thats for shure...

Review by: nacht

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