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Yes!!!I've got it!!!Negura's newest album it's a blast,although there only 4 songs on it.Personally,i like
Cant de Sursur.I'm Romanian and I am really proud of this band.

Review by: Danse_Macabre

god damn these mother fuckers did it again!!!cold,grim,but too fucking short!Hail Negura Bunget!

Review by: Nocturnus

have to add that this is NOT their new ALBUM! their upcoming album "OM" is delayed to february 2006 so they released an ep... and that's it. already the first song kicks ass and they also played it on their gig last week. all i have to say is that this band is incredible. they also played one song of their upcoming album "OM" and what should i say: it was MY highlight of this evening. i cant await their upcoming album. i bought their cd box containing their first release "from transilvanian forest" (i actually had every other release) and what should i say beside that already their first release kicks ass and they sound as they were the creators of black metal. i also think that here they had the best vocals then... you have to buy it if you meet them on their tour.

Review by: 6gh6st6

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