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Incredible album!!

Review by: vampyr+mumu

I like very much the music played by this group."'N Crugu Bradului" means a 'dialogue' between Romanian mythlology spirit and the ones which want to find about it,in a cold but closed to you atmosphere.The sound is quite different from the one played by majority black metal bands,with interesting intro-s and parts reliefing traditional Romanian songs,always conforming lyrics.What I dont't really agree is that parts II and III have an almost common sound.

Review by: dark_codru

A multi-sphere journey through harsh nature of Transilvania.
Vast landscapes, coldness, mystic atmosphere.
The last song is a bit too monotone, 9/10.

Review by: Grutle

Great atmospheric Transilvanian black metal. Long, epic songs with fast parts, but also beautiful, sad parts with use of foreign instruments. The limited edition comes as an A5-booklet, including a piece of Transilvanian forest!


Review by: child0fb0d0m

Don't know what do you understand from this album if you're not romanian...anyway, hupogrammos's disciples does some great vocals and keyboardings, while Spucatu's (spurcat = tainted)geetars sound really good, too... This album is of pure evil, spawned from the darkest places of erebus..Hail Negura Bunget ( negura=fog, bunget=forest) 11/10

Review by: MOTH

this is a great release too. the music is great, the lyrics are great, the only thing is that the vocals sound better on older releases.

Review by: 6gh6st6

i have to add that this album catches you after of lot of listenings... this is maybe because the songs are very long, complex and it's hard to orientate in this songs because there are not many parts that sound similar to each other and there are no refrains and you have to concentrate alot... but after some listening (... or let's say: some more listening) of this cd you will get addicted. you can't get off this addiction because the songs will never get boring.

now it got my absolute favourite album... i think it's long ago when an album last made me so addicted.

Review by: 6gh6st6

fokkin superb album. Album came with some pine tree leaves, apparently
from Transylvanian forests!
Buy or Die!

Review by: m_amery

One of the moast complex BM bands in the world i guess. If you can,not only listen to this album but hear it, you will get the meaninig of this music, idology etc.You will be in a transpersonal phase i could say. Perfect music, artwork, liriks and behind all perfect feeling. All in all Negura Bunget is cult band, has that magic around...but i don't understand why, here in Romania ther are just a few fans, it should be a Army of Negura bunget fans...i mean, what the hell this is a totally amazing band transilvania is our homeland. To many close minded i guess, the good music is not for everybodies brain.Good music/art is god music. i also hope that the multimedia trak Vazduh( exelent video) will be put on audio because is very very good. i've heard that negura will release a mini album this year, so it would be perfect to be on it. I also hope the In'crugu will be releasd on vinyl too. Salmosus may be your way!

Review by: SalmosusVuiet

Romanian trio Negura Bunget and their "N Crugu Bradului" was kind of a discovery for me. Ethnic and music themes of ancient vikings and celts are already used thousand of times by anyone while the cultures of less "popular" nations stay left somewhere out,in the side.
So,I'll try to be as short as I can,coz it's quite worthless to tell about the things that should be heard!
The masterpiece,consisting of multivoice guitar rhythm trills,complicated solo strings,mystic coz of their shapelessness keyboards,evil shouts,dark and gloomy whisperings,screamings,cold singing,which sounds like a funeral mess and blasting drums. Killing sorrow and agression of the coming hand by hand acoustic parts,played on some traditional instrument it seems:the forthcoming fear and unexpected,sudden motives of despair...Atmospheric,the atmosphere itself.But it has nothing to do with vampires,old medieval castles full of hungry rats and ghosts..This is what differs Negura Bunget from tonnes of bands trying to pretend on calling their music atmospheric. I see the far away horizons,wide spaces,I feel cold wind,the evening comes bright colours,no roars of battles..just calm field,tall grass,some hills and mountains in the side..far away form the civilization,far away from the mankind.That's what the four tracks (I,II,III,IV),being one the continuation of another, opened in front of my eyes.
And their web-page is really worth visiting!To say "awesome" about it is equal to saying nothing.In the mood of their music.

P.S. It seems you don't need to be romanian to get great images in the mind and to catch the mood of the work.Kind of music which destroys all the bariers in understanding.

Review by: Zmei Gorinich

Negura Bunget's 'N Crugu Bradului is a specific art work which is ment to be a reflection of also a specific spirituality.You don't have to know romanian to understand it,you just have to posses a clear mind and a senstitive soul so it would be possible for you to understand the message through music and gravity of the voice.Although by hearing the lyrics in arhaic romanian languege(NOT IN ENGLISH TRANSLATION!!)would open a weider view for you about Transilvanian Spirituality,a thing that is often heard but there are not many who can truely percepe it.This are the fundaments for Negura Bunget's black metal.The complexity of this symbolic songs is overwelming.Atmospheric is the key word frequently used to describe 'N Crugu Bradului...and yes,it is true,but I'l have to add enigmatic and essence.

Review by: roxana dziana

The second best album after OM. 94/100

Review by: grote_smurf

I don`t know what to say actually. This CD is so beautiful I could cry. Wonderful that they are from Romania and not from Scandinavia. Quite an exotic twist.

I don`t have "om" yet but i`ll buy it for sure.

Review by: winterspell

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