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Yes.... a great album. it's black metal with a lot of keyboards. i have to say that i'm not a fan of keyboards... oh yeah i normally hate them... but this album sounds great and i think without the keyboards it would sound very simple and boring. the atmosphere it gives is great... SO COLD... SO PURE... SO EVIL.
the vocals sound really great too. they are much better then the later releases... they sound so great...
a very great release... MUST HAVE!

Review by: 6gh6st6

Ugh, judging by the average score for this album there is one conclusion I draw- OVERRATED! Goodness, I do not remember a single melody from this album. The vocals are middle of the road, there is just meandering, boring, middle of the road black metal. It's not particularly aggressive, and it certainly isn't particularly cold or grim. I think the only thing notable about this band is that they're Romanian, by the gods just go listen to Burzum instead.

Review by: TheWelkinAtDusk

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