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Great black metal from spain! It sounds something like under a funeral moon (darkthrone for those who didn't knew this). Very underground so its kinda hard to get, but if you can do it, because it wont dissapoint you.


Review by: nehemah

Nehemah create a Stunning album which caught me by surprise-having read somewhere that they were yet another Darkthrone-esque band-i just assumed they would be a less good version of Darkthrone and put off checking them out for quite some time, in fact it wasn't until someone sent me a copy on cdr to review for a webzine, that i truelly sat up straight and noticed just how good this band is.The band are from France (NOT Spain) and apparently feature members of the once good band Himinbjorg.

However unlike Himinbjorg who before writing songs about their love for cannabis, created some reasonably good Enslaved (Eld-era) worship music, Nehemah create some of the grimmest black metal i've ever heard-this album in particular really takes me back to when i first heard 'Under a funeral moon', Gorgoroth's 'Pentagram" and a number of other albums of band's who have since died or lost their inspiration.

Nehemah are most certainly NOT a clone of Darkthrone, there is lot's of variation throughout and the tempo changes regularly from Marduk-esque speed-fests, to a much slower pace with repetitive churning riffs (of which i much prefer), in addition there are some occasional clean vocals to be heard which add a great deal to the atmosphere.The regular black metal style vocals are suitably grim and have quite a command and force behind them.

Nehemah are quite easily the best band i've heard from France and file along nicely with Mutiilation and the rest of The Black legion's band's.

Review by: encircleanddevour

I bought this album after Shadows From the Past..., and I must say that I was positively surprised at how good this is. This is somewhat better than Shadows..., and with a more atmospheric approach. The guitar sound is harsh, grim and cold, which suits this kind of music perfectly. And the bass, which you can hear pretty well compared to other bands of the genre, creates nightmarish visions and atmosphere. The vocals too are great. Sounding like a mixture of Marduk's Legion and Darkthrone's Nocturno Culto, they are as grim and ugly as ever. My two favourite tracks from this album have to be 'Nehëmah In Vulva Infernum' and 'I Will Sleep With The Dragon'. They both have an incredible atmosphere. There are absolutely no bad tracks on this album. Every track is one of the best Black Metal tracks I've ever heard. I recommend you get this album, quick!

Review by: Sulphur

This is one of the best pieces of black metal that has been done! Throw in A Blaze In The Northern Sky and you have a double cd...Truly awesome

Review by: Joe Guerra

In all respect to (older) Darkthrone.... but this stuff is by far better than "A Blaze In The Northern Sky"... Were Darkthrone ever so capable to produce such sorrowful and magical catching pieces like "Nehemah In Vulva Infernum"?

One of the best BM albums out there, beside vast creations of Paysage D'Hiver, Darkspace, Lunar Aurora, Velvet Cacoon... 10/10!

Listen to: "I Will sleep With the Dragon" and of course nobody should leave life without hearing "Nehemah In Vulva Infernum"!

Review by: 6gh6st6

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