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I must say that Shadows From The Past... is an album I won't be leaving to be covered with dust for a long time. The album is a masterpiece, a real work of art. Apart from the average-level tracks two and three, the album has no weak points. The guitar sound is grim, harsh and distorted, and apart from the great guitar lines, the vocals earn a meantioning in all their grim and ugly splendour. My personal favourites of this album have to be 'Black Winds Over the Walls of Csejthe', 'Warlock, From A Blazing Coal', 'Shadows From the Past' and 'Selvmord'. The Bathory cover, 'Call From the Grave' is a good example of a cover well done! Amazing Black Metal from France. I recommend you have a listen to this gem!

Review by: Sulphur

True black metal, no ornaments, no easy listening stuff. Raw, agressive, dark and primitive very good old-school black metal. Thank you very much for keeping the black flame burning.

Review by: latebroso

Hmm, this disappointed me a bit, I expected more of it after hearing "Light Of A Dead Star" which was really good.
It's not bad, but I'll rather stick with LoaDS. Leave this release and get LoaDS instead.

Review by: sgurd

Not too bad, but pieces are quite repetitive;
all songs should (and certainly could) be like "black wings...", I found this composition very good and the acoustic guitar at the end sounds like disapear... Hmmm !
Go France!

Review by: undead'spath

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