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I happen to own this one in its original outing (Russian I believe) and it's pretty good! Some of their songs are really weird actually, going from raging black metal to folk music all of a sudden, as in the last song, the longest one. (On my copy this one is called: Stal'nym Orlom V Zlatuju Svargu ;)) Overall, pretty good, so if you can get your hands on it, then do so! Especially if you're into something different altogether.

Review by: Dismember

The sound is FUCKING GOOD, Nokturnal Mortum finally gets to the edge, they combine the best of Goat Horns and still agressivity from NeChrist, it is AWESOME, you CANT BE THERE STANDING, GO AND BUY.


Review by: dragod

i think this is the second best release, after goat horns, nokturnal mortum is more alive than ever, enjoy while lasts, get the taste of victory. if you want this album or other by nokturnal mortum my mail is get it, it is fucking worth it

Review by: dragod

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