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This album is simply in the top5 of my melodic black/death bnds if not number one....some weird folk is used in synthesizers...can i say some asian folk in the intro of the cd?...heavy ripping among guitars with melodious keyboards add to the atmosphere...vocals are really good the yslow down when guitars are slower and the nmove back into its constant pace........hail and find this album i couldnt it here in the US but i did find some mp3...this shit is rare like the other Korean bands.

Review by: catamenia

Hail Oathean !! These guys play melodic black/death, and they simply kick millions of ass. I can say the intro of this album is one of the best intro of all the extreme metal albums. It has the sound of traditional Korean flute, the battle, the sword, the drum for the epic Korean battle, the horse pace, the screaming of bird , and the blowing wind etc..With the haunting female voice, the music gives us the picture of a funeral or a haunting movie.

For other songs, their qualities are very great. Every song is great, and the vocal is amazing and aggressive, I love it !! Although the band plays melodic black/death metal, some of their songs also give me a melancholid/depressive feeling, like track 5 "Sea of Perpetual Sorrow", my most favorite track on this cd. The guitar solos on some songs are just wonderful and absolutely give me a melancholic feeling, Great !!

Excellent Black/Death Metal music. The sound of Oathean is pretty unique and I believe it can amaze lots of people. I recommend this amazing album to people who like melodic black metal or melodic death played in an aggressive way.

Review by: Ahlan

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