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This album is a litle more rock compare to the other...but still the music is good and the unic style of on thorns remain. The rythm is also faster.

Review by: Mirdryl

this album is a bit diferent from the other but they are really cool and i really like it(them are my favourite band xD)

Review by: nOGA

Well. It's good to hear another good album, after terrible "Future Narcotic". Good work.

Review by: Adon

This is one of my favorite OTIL albums. I can compare it to Katatonia "Discouraged Ones" or "Tonight Decision". The riffs are very simple and minimalistics, vocal looks like "lack of feelings", all is very melodic. If you like pure mid Katatonia style, this album is for you.

Review by: dodmil

No, thank you. It is too close to pop music, without power, without dark feeling.

Review by: Jack the Nipper

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