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If you don't like synthpop, then just leave at once. This is one of the most useless CD's I have bought in quite a while. If you're having an ultra-boring afternoon and gets the sick idea of trying to find the CD containing the most ugly vocals ever, here's your winner. Mainly it's regular gay-vocals with a touch of homosexual influences, and then when he tries to growl he sounds like a pig being butcherd. The music is some kind of death/doom metal with way to much keyboards, it's pretentious and boring.

Review by: mactatuz

this album is very interesting and some rare in the greeck doom metal scene, is not a master piece of all time but i love it ,the production is some low and the clean vocals are very "clean".keyboards,stranges arrangements,original atmospheric passages and a song in his native tongue; you find it in this great cd.

Review by: onthorns

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