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This is the first album I've heard by this Norwegian band.

I would personally call this some sort of jazz-advant-garde black metal. It has a lot of female vocal. Some people may think that they sound just like any other Goth band like Tristania. But the female vocal reminds me more of some sort of lounge singer from the 30'ies. And it works out quite well. In some of their songs they also include some very loud scary sound-effects that reminds me most of the game silent hill.
This is a very good album. very atmospheric. I can differently recommend this.

Review by: illnath

So, another one from Peccatum. Definitely a bloody good one. Though hard to say what sort of music is this. Somekind of alternative metal or a mixture between rock and something.
All in all, who cares as long as the songs are so good.
This, though is a style of music that one doesn't listen all the time. Good while doing creative works (poems, painting etc.)

Review by: Sull

An interesting eclectic mix of melancholy, industrial/ambient and metal, but which at the same time is probably the biggest draw back of the album. At times it seems like Ilsahn writes a section then Ihriel writes other without really blending their varied sounds into a coherent song. Worth a listen but didnt really get my blood pumping!!! Plus weak inter-album sleave, Ilsahn rowing he's woman on a lake, how lovely...... bring back the Emperor !!!!

Review by: HoLeeCrap

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