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an excellent offering, athmospheric metal at it's best!from beginning 'til end a true masterpiece! strays away from the over produced tat that has infected much of modern metal!the coupling of crisp clear vocals and athmospheric guitar produce a truly mystical quality, the best band i've heard since immortal! although not as raw and brutal there truly is something truly primordial about this offering!

Review by: locks__

This album is for me already a classic! I don’t know any albums which can be this emotional tragic. I know that My dying bride and Anathema can bring melancholy and sadness in their music, but not like this. From the start of the album Primordial unleashes a dark tragedy upon us. Pagan, doom, folk and ‘blackmetal’ are played with beautiful harmonies. The vocals are intense and slightly chaotic. Singer Alan uses clean and harsh/ mournful grunts to make the music and the tale behind it alive. The coffin ships, the fifth number is one of the highlights. After hearing that song, it was like part of Irelands bitter history laid before me.
This album is a perfect blend of a raw chaotic atmosphere and sad but beautiful songs. I give this 98 out of 100 just because I hope some day the perfect album will come.

Review by: Aegirson

Wow... the best album so far from this great band! Folky and doomy metal from Ireland! Great riffs, great drums and great vocals!!!! Exp. "The Coffin Ships" that song has got is al

Review by: Winterface

best album of the year and one of all times....absolutely amazing 10/10

Review by: harry

After the press that this album got, I was actually quite surprised to find that I didn't really like it that much. As mentioned above, the production is quite muddy, but in my opinion that hurt the album rather than helping. It sounded mostly like a mess to me, but the album was not without its good parts. Some sections of "The Golden Spiral" and "Tragedy's Birth" stood out. Vocals were not bad, and reminded me of In the Woods... (great band) at times. But overall, I wasn't impressed. Since I seem to be one of very few, take a listen and judge for yourself.

Review by: msatan81

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