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Impressive album of sorrow, melancholy and sadness. The guitars are amazing, there are some keyboards here and there but the guitars are the heart of the album.
'The silent stage' is the evolution of the previous album, but this time definitely superior and more inspired. With 'Futile' Rapture wrote a masterpiece of depressive melodic death, and now we have 40 minutes of melodic doom with a combination of grunts and fantastic clean vocals.
On the whole the songs are easy-listening but this time it isn't a bad thing at all, the production is fantastic.
'The past nightmares' has an addictive rhythm and nice depressive 'chorus', 'I am complete' is the unique song with only clean vocals and the result can't be better, the ending is very nice.
'For the ghost of our time' is an amazing instrumental song, I love the beginning specially.
And the clean vocals of 'Cold on my side', and the middle part of 'Misery 24/7' and the depressive final of 'Silent Chrysalis Stage'.
Without doubt Rapture has the talent to caught the attention of any dark/depressive metal fan, great work guys.

Review by: danchloe

i cant say that this is a legendary album but their are songs within the album that are realy remarkable....the past nightmares are excellent...the instrumentals are fantastic,in general the guitar works are fantastic...this album realy puts u in the silent stage

Review by: alex_x

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