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Another great album of this band, not as good as 'Futile', but one of the most interesting of this year and a jewel in its genre.
Great guitar and vocal work again, beautiful and depressive songs like 'Nameless', 'Transfixion', 'Raintracks', 'The Vast' and 'The Great Distance'.
The clean voice predominates more in this album, remembering to Anathema's 'Alternative 4' feeling

Review by: danchloe

This is what I would call beautiful death metal, and a good thing that is. Very clean production, it's music you can just sit back and enjoy. Buy and listen that's all I can say.

Review by: Wintermist

Now this is the album i was waiting for, for a long time! Melodic doom/death metal band, Rapture, are hailing from Finland and are one of the brightest stars in nowadays metal galaxy. Combining soft, emotional parts, with hard and aggressive moments, depressive lyrics and atmosphere they are going to get the attention of every doom metal lover. Music may sound like Katatonia in "Tonight's Decision" period, but belie me, Rapture have just took this atmosphere and led it to a completely new dimension and absolute perfection! Incredible production - clean and powerful, with raw and gentle guitars; clean and harsh growling vocals which sound like they are coming from the deepest abysses of hell. That's in short what you can expect from their second album - "Songs For The Withering". It features nine studio tracks and a bit over 45 minutes of brilliant music. If you asked me to choose the best song off the album, that would be the worst thing you could ask me - because every song is perfect! There are no good/so-so songs on this album, especially not band songs! Each one has some kind of hidden magic, crystallized through great melodies and depressive lyrics. Opening track, "Nameless" is more-less the kind of song you would expect from such band. With middle tempo, powerful and melodic parts, great guitar leads. Lyrics are talking about loneliness, more like a feeling when you are lost in this world - "every turn I take, leads me back to where I started from". The atmosphere gets really different in "Gallows". It reminded me of early works of Amorphis, really powerful and catchy guitars and perfect growling by Henri. I think this one is more personal and metaphoric. Very complex song indeed, with enormous lyrics, worked out in a great manner.

"Two Dead Names" leads us to more romantic landscapes, one of the best songs off this album. Petri wrote this song, so it's logical he would dominate in vocals. Some kind of energetic ballad - "if I was the sky would I hold you dear... two dead names waiting..." - very strong sentence! The balance between Henri's and Petri's is done great on "Transfixion", while the lyrics touch the motive of suicide. Bass guitars are much better now, heavy. "The Vast" is one more masterpiece, and probably the best song on "Songs For The Withering" - but I'm saying again - all of them are masterpieces! Just listen to them and enjoy in Aleksi's talent for creating great music. Complexity and metaphors in lyrics - "Raintracks" - this song needs a bit more time, in order to understand her. More progressive with lots of ambiguous moments. Bravo!

"Enveloped" is faster song, more like mainstream (they've promoted it as a first single). This was the first song I have heard off this album, and it made me buy it. Simply amazing. Catchy tunes won't let you press 'repeat' button on your CD player or WinAmp. "The Great Distance" is a classic Rapture song, if I may say so. It follows the same rules and melodies as the songs before it. And before we go out of Rapture's amazing world, we will explore one more masterpiece - "Farewell" with seven minutes of epic doom metal. This track is hard, slow... creating an explosion inside your mind. If you like metal music, you will definitely love Rapture! You MUST give this album an listen, because this is a type of album that's created once in a 10 years.

10 out of 10 points (By Boris Todorovic)

Review by: scissors

Is this Mikael Åkerfeldt growling???? It sure as hell sounds like it. Rapture's second album Songs for the withering, sounds a awful lot like it's the lead singer from Opeth who's doing all the growling. Now I'm not saying this is a bad thing, Opeth is one of my favourite bands, however I still think that the lead singer tries to hard to sound like Mikael Åkerfeldt. The music all in all doesn't sound that bad, in fact it's quite good, just not that original.

Review by: illnath

This is a very good album but it does not reach the status of the previous one. And I think the reason is that beside the fast songs that remind of the “Futile” album, there are songs which are somewhat mellow and are not best fit to my musical appetite.
Then again for fans of diversity this is a plus.
I just think that the magic of Rapture was dominant in the previous album and has diminished a bit in this one.
Toni T

Review by: toni t

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