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this album fucking rules!!!!!!!! do i need say more? no! buy it or die!!!

my rating: 10/10

Review by: szczebrzeszyn

Its a great album of black metal, pineer of style because venom is the vein of thrash metal.
Note 10/10

Review by: tseaboth

Inri is a real killer song! This is good! Wraaah!!!

Review by: StellarMasterElite

Sarcofago is the best Southamerican band ever! Inri is a godslaying trendcrushing album! It desecrates my soul to the left hand path! Inri rules....fuck you, fuck you, fuck you Jesus Christ! Get it or fuck forever off!

Review by: P. Blasphemerion

I first heard this in 1989, when Andy from the legendary Electro Hippies taped me it. It totally blew me away. It took me until 2000 to actually track it down on vinyl. A record I will cherish forever. Raging sick unholy blackdeath, Fantastic.

Review by: warrenwozwhite

This is a true black metal cult, not for weaks, this is a exemple of evilness in music

Review by: diabolous occultus

This is of course essential.. homosexuals will complain about how noisy this is but everyone else go buy and enjoy!

Review by: rilontsky

Without intros nor anything alike, this album begins in the rawest way. From obscure and primitive origins comes this musical declaration that generates a fast and furious thrash with some proto-black metal elements. This is one of the reasons why I like Brazilian thrash, this dirty production, a grave emphasis on the guitar, drums that resound joined with a vocalization full of echo and a mercyless lyric.

Upon listening to these guitar riffs, you will see the great influence in Bathory, Exciter and Sodom. Even more when you see the organized way in which the songs are arranged. The notes of this intrument flow with identity inside the apocalyptic and chaotic context of the songs. The bass sorounds the guitar in each riff. Wagner's voice suits perfect at the music. Evil, raw and acute at times. But all these elements are not the ones that make this legendary work a mater piece. In fact, the percussion of DD Crazy is what gives the excellence to this opus. Fast, precise and powerful, are the three adjectives that describe in the most fair way the drums in this production.

To culminate this reviews, I definately recommend this album. For the lovers of Death, Thrash or Black Metal, this release is imperative to devour. The violent and euphoric moments that you will have with INRI, will be endless.

Tracks that highlight for its excellence: Nightmare, INRI, Satanas, Deathrash.

I fucking love the riff after Wagner screams DEATHRAAAAASH!!!!!!!!

Review by: Bathoryfc

one of the best album of sarcofago but nights in hell is better! christ death: day of your death arrive's inquest are open to you lies don't be heard your only sentence is death miracles and words don't save you you never will be the higher the hour of your death is now your life don't extend so forever christ's death satan in hell a wait for you you are welcome to your nightmare you cry for your father but he don't remember you...

Review by: lobo_sur_pereira

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