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Fucking shity quality of sound of live songs on this boot makes it uncomfortable to listen. Only for fans and for collectioners of hard-to-get cd's.

Review by: jarek

i think althou the sound quality is pretty bad ,this is an enjoyable live cd ,if you like sarcofago as i do.songs are here faster than on the original cd version,and vocals are,if possible,even more brutal...i find it amazing hell!!!

Review by: the fog

I agree with jarek. Quality sound is very shitty. It's quite difficult to appreciate this live, so I recommend this bootleg only to maniacal fans of this cult combo. This is raw and uncompromising thrash/black metal with bestial vocals, of course.

Rate: 4

Review by: BRN

the best of the best!!! because this songs of this album they are better developed that in i.n.ri the angels of lucifer are ready to destroy!!

Review by: lobo_sur_pereira

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