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Hmmm... I appear to be alone on this one. What the hell. Satyricon's part is surprisingly clear for this period of black metal despite very little low end, and Night of the Triumphator is a brutal track with a fucked up intro.

Enslaved's tracks are very distant sounding, and the recording is pretty shitty, but their brilliance even in the old days makes up for it. Heimdallr is an especially good example of this, even though the Yggdrasil recording is muffled.
Still, a good album in all, if you like to hear the first blackened hymns of the legendary bands that have raised their swords and done battle to the bloody end!

Review by: moonwraith

A Big fan of this album. it introduced me to Black Metal a few years back when i was still listenin to Cradle and i have alot to thank of it. Satyricon Play in their typical brutal fashion and the Night of the Triumphator is a brilliant song. Enslaved have poor production but it seems to add to the haunting quality of their music. The little instumental in the middle unexpected but good all the same.


Review by: Darkened Soul

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