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The better of this album is the sweet teen who appears in the Mother North video. Oh yes baby!!!!

Review by: shankao

and not only that teen hits things, because this is way the best satyricon album! take the originality of the previous albums, and mix it with power, and then youve got this hardhitting asskickin nemesis divina!

Review by: blackstar666

...the best Black Metal composition I ever heard to...
...very beautiful artwork...
..."The dawn of a new Age"...

Review by: Baran

this album is hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssttttttttttttttooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy , buy , buy ,buy !
immortality passion is godjesussatannemesis, this is fuckin metal!

Review by: um jammer nectarus

one of the best black metal cds of all times. the songwriting is superb, Satyr shows haw you can match in a perfect way black metal and folk tradition. this album is the top of Satyricon's discography, a constant improving from "Dark medieval times" to this, passing through "the shadowthrone". they will never do again an album like this.

music - 10
voice - 9
lyrics - 10
production - 8
attitude - 10

overall - 10/10

Review by: Agzaroth

the best ever, all the songs are really hymns of the black metal!

the outro Trascendental Requiem For Slaves kick asses and MOTHER NORTH...ppffff
just 10/10

Review by: Obtained_Enslavement

maybe the best album i have ever heard! All is perfect:the music, the artwork, the lyrics... Mother North becomes the new black metal anthem (after in the shadow of the horns from Darkthrone). If you want hear something similar, listen to Kvist!!!!!!

Review by: quintessence

A great dark, moody black metal album. Mother North may be the single best Black Metal song ever.

Review by: puerkito

Personally this is not the best black metal album ever, but it is the best release buy Satyricon. The album is a masterpeice. The riffs are very strong and cold. Satyr shows how talented of musician he is. Frost is really great on drums. One of the best albums in the second wave of Black Metal. Buy, buy, buy.

Review by: wintersheart

there is absolutely no black metal feel to this album,it is just a big pot pourri of sweetmeats.a scale of ten is really not big enough for how low it deserves to be rated.listen to it,but only to offend your sensibilities or to check if you've slowly turned into a fake.
Emperor is God.

Review by: afraid

a master piece of norwegian black metal!!music and lyrics are intense!!

Review by: musta_miekka

Nemisis Divina is a revolutionary album. Satyricon has orchestrated one of the most powerful and important pieces of music ever recorded in this genre. "Forhekset," is a great track, with wonderful, driving melodies and lyrics that are undeniably evil. "Transcendental Requiem of Slaves," is another great track. Starting with a great section of melodic guitar work, then turning into the sounds of a slave drive. People being beaten, driven, killed. When considering this album perhaps the most influencial track, "Mother North," must be recognized. One of the most original, powerful and beautiful works EVER. Able to corrupt even the most devout followers of Christianity to follow Black Metal. Its FUCKING black, evil, and amazing. This is perhaps one of the best albums to get people to reconsider Black Metal, or to introduce them to it. What else is their to say? If you have heard this album you'll know what I speak of, if not you MUST hear it. 10/10

Review by: khendric

Satrycicon , when they were still in their good days , were fucken awsome!This classic is a serious must in abm collection.Mother North sais it all....

Review by: waskara

Thats medieval stuff,Even viking sometimes.Hard to describe as its unique.The music itself is speaking,the mood of the riffs follows the lyrics words after words like all the songs are stories.All are hymns to war.The first track "the dawn of a new age" ...thats the sound of battle!Listen to it and you wanna go outside with a chainmail armor and a sword and kill!That music penetrates in you and makes you dream.Its so taking.Most original and geniusly written metal album ever!

Review by: maladred

The best album of the norwegian black metal.nothin more!

Review by: sotiricon

mother north the best song of satyricon-that was black metal, but now they're good too

Review by: mistress

One of the most perfectly crafted black metal records of its time.Satyricon at their peak.Just pure majestic and melancholic madness!!!In my top 3 BM albums for sure.




Review by: -Vomītzodīak-

After a few now legendary low-fi albums, this was Satyricon's first proper production. And what a feat it was. I will never forget the first time I heard "Mother North" during the Napster days. Back then, I had no idea such music existed. It was heavy, it was dark, but it was beautiful and majestic. There were choirs and keyboards and a neo-classical sensibility, a morbid beauty, but it was METAL. It was what I had hoped to hear my whole life but never knew existed.

"Mother North" is today a legendary track. The rest of the album holds up just as well. Throughout, the album is filled with small pieces of genius. The descending piano figure in the end of "Du som hater gud," for example. Sadly, the band's sound was to become formulaic and somewhat superficial in the coming years. The albums before and including "Nemesis Divina" will always be Satyricon's legacy.

Review by: Stahlgewitter

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