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This album is ok but it's not what I was looking for. The old Satyricon is dead and will never comeback. If you enjoyed the last 2 cds then you will like this one as well.


Review by: masterwojtek

We have waited 4 fucking years for such a boring album... That's a big delusion... well the album is quite good, it has good songs but it has not a GREAT song (like fuel for hatred, repined bastard nation, supersonic journey, mother north, vikingland, walk the path of sorrow, dark medieval times, the dawn of a new age, dominions of satyricon...). Therefore there is not an evolution of the sound that was a characteristic aspect of satyricon...
The "best" for me are: the pentagram burns, a new enemy and k.i.n.g.
RATING 76/100
But they are still one of my 10 favourite bands, i've seen them live at gods of metal in milan and tehy are still great.
Hail Satyr and Frost

Review by: Frost86

First of all, this album is by far better than Voclano. It seems that Satyricon works a little bit more this time. Most of the titles are very interesting & develop different ambiences. Some tracks are very excellent like "Now, Diabolical", "The Pentagram Burns", "The rite of our cross" &, of course, "To the mountains". This last one justify by itself the purchase of this album. This tracks would have been written for the Shadowthrone album. I love "Pentagram Burns" with its trumpets of the death which has an excellent construction & comes directly to your mind. "Rite of our Cross" is the black metal tracks of this album & it sounds like hell with full-speed parts & heavy passages: a real success, it works during all the song.
Nevertheless, "Now, Diabolical" is not the masterpiece that I expected. Song n6 "Darkness shall be Eternal" is an easy listening song & give the impression of a certain lack of inspiration. The track is followed by "DELIRIUM" which is in fact a good song but not for a black metal album. I don't understand why Satyr keep this song for the album & put the excellent "Storm (of the Destroyer)" as a B-Side for the "K.I.N.G." single!
What I reproach on this album is maybe the lack of brutality or speed. To summarize, "Now, Diabolical" is better than "Volcano" but not as excellent as "Rebel Extravaganza".

Review by: Quintessence

What a surprise! Very well! It is quite strange album. Much slower than others but... also more brutal! I feel like I am listening Motorhead:)))) Satyr plays in a simply way but Frost kills on a percussion!!

Review by: zukk86

Forget complexity of previous releases.Now Diabolical is simple and efficient.Simple and dark. Dark thrashy riffs here,dark slow riffs there-riffs that only Satyr would come up with his unique style-the sound of Satyricon at its most mature state.Rich sound,catchy .
Im obviously disappointed as every "Fan-of-satyricon-until-nemesis divina" would be,but one must accept the fact that Satyr have higher ambitions than lets say Fenriz.Satyr is an inventor,one of a few.Fuck the underground here,fuck beeing "true",accept the fact that Satyr is simply a hell of an artist.
More simple that Volcano,yet better because of the maturity.My main complain would be the drum.Its slow,yes,but slow doesnt necessarly mean boring.The speed is perfect but I think it should have been more technical as Frost is one of the best drummer out there.And also im not a fan of choruses in metal...
Forget the words "Black Metal" and listen it as a metal CD made by a great artist and you will love it.If you keep comparing to old Satyricon you have more chances to hate it.Headbanging guaranteed.

Review by: maladred

I dont believe that this is the same band that released masterpieces like NEMESIS DIVINA & SHADOWTHRONE.pointless & childish riffs.Why they dont change their name or somethin like IMMORTAL did changenging to I,but ''I'' released a very nice cd . Well,if Satyricon was a new band this cd wouldn't be so bad but i dont know,same goes for VOLCANO too.

Review by: sotiricon good album ! Maybe, for some old fans this is not what they expected, but for me - it is awesome !
G R E A T !

Review by: koval

Satyricon is dead. Satyr will never be able to release a masterpiece like Nemesis Divina. Their last three albums are horrible, boring and talentless music. They should retire before turning into a glam rock band.

Review by: demonlord

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