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Incredible...Satyricon take the brilliance of Dark Med. times and give it polish and strength. Every track is astounding, each boasting originality and passion, the production is great giving a very folky feel but still with the malice satyricon are masters of.

Review by: carcass_alex

This is Fanfuckingtastic. Probably has to be my favourite Satyricon release.
Such great songs, all 7 are incredibly written and played.
Hvist Krist Dod, Vikingland and Dominions of Satyricon have to be the highlights, but it is all so good.

A fucking must.

Review by: Vanguard

This band is fucking SHIT!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot stand this bloody cheesy assed black metal crap, I heard that this album was good so i went out to buy it and fuck am i sorry i did that, the vocals are so shit, it sounds more like he's trying to sing while sucking down on Frost's cock.... I certainly hope that this is not there best album, cause it's sucks major dick..... There is no way in Hell I could ever classify this as Black Metal, there's no atmosphere, no meaningful lyrics, just 100% SHIT......Do not EVER buy this album, im serious, i garuntee one listen to this and you smash the disk to a million fragments

Review by: Diabolical-Sin

Another beautiful opus. More agressive but with a great folkloric touch. Songs developp deep feeling and the blast-beast are more present. "Kvite Krist dod" and " Dominions of Satyricon" are definitely two black metal anthems. Take an attentive look to the lyrics and begin your search for the key...

Review by: Quintessence

very good stuff, indeed.. this release is full of medieval atmosphere.. one of the greatest records ever, i think.

Review by: kukkost

This is the best Satyricon album, and one of the best black metal album ever. Far better than Dark Medieval.. !!
Best tracks: 1, 4, 5, 7
12/10 ;)

Review by: Narg

Probably one of the darkest and mysterioys album I ever heard.The Extra Info is deserved.So Diabolical-Sin fuck you!!!!!

Review by: kiril

THE shadowtrhone... ummm... classical old black metal school, all we know SATYRICON is one of the monsters of norwegian black metal of all times... this album reflects it... classical... cold black metal... so cold

Review by: Northvisions

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