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First off, this a great album. It has a different sound to all other Satyricon releases (in my opinion), but thats largely due to the better production. Most of the songs are out-standing... Angstridden with it's nice slow-ish pace, and great haunting female vocal parts. Fuel for hatred, and Repined bastard nation, for just being plain great... and mental mercury for being utterly fantastic... very nicely changing from a fast paced start to slow trudging parts. Finally Black Lava... what can be said for it... well it's blooding awesome... an epic song to never grows old... granted ive only listened to it for like a few days, but it's just that good.

Horns raised to Satyricon for releasing another fantastic album.

Review by: Fenriz13

hum,those that would call this album black metal would be wrong ....they r still progressing in a 'futuristic' sound..with black metal roots ...But this CD is just too damn nice..Satyr and his genius riffs are in the box,Frost is perfect,only the bassy sound of the double bass-drum can make u addict.The only thing i think regretable is theres too much female voices almost all songs...In brief,very well done,despise the fact they r now on a big commercial machine as label..EMI?...eckkkkkkkhhh
overall 9/10

Review by: MaLADreD

prog black metal? what is this shit? i expected much more after rebel and after Satyr's words about this new album... ok, it's well produced but it's not enough!! the inspiration is all gone. you can feel a constant improoving from DARK MEDIEVAL TIMES to NEMESIS DIVINA, but i think that after NEMESIS Satyr has understood he can't do anything better in that genre, so he changed his black metal in this ugly hybrid you can define prog black...frost too (one of my favorite drummers) seems to be less inspired..
well, however it could be a quite good album for a debuting band...but a real shit for Satyricon!

production: 10
music: 4
lyrics: 8
attitude: 3
voice: 6

overall: 6/10

Review by: Agzaroth

still getting more and more commercial , still black metal like it has to be .But then i say again it's a must buy , satyricon rulez , always has , always will!!! 9/10

Review by: um jammer nectarus

This album suck...
They continue their march towards the light.
No fucking darkness and hate anymore! Almost pure crap cos' they mix death, thrash and folk with boring average black metal. Totally uninspired material...

Review by: lordgeryon

This record is fucking GAY!


Review by: Vanguard

Rebel Extravaganze was a little disappointment for me, but this album is real masterwork. Possessed is my favorite song...if you didn't like this, you should still watch the video of the song Fuel for hatred; it's fucking awesome...

Review by: melkor morgoth

Well, some fuckers say Satyr sold his soul to music business! Volcano is a terrible proof to show this people are wrong! This album keeps the feelings of old black metal products like old Bathory, Venom and Darkthrone. "Mental Mercury" and "Black Lava" are two masterpieces of black metal! note : 10/10.

Review by: quintessence

another great album from satyricon, although the sound has changed some from the older albums they are still producing some good music. but somehow it feels like they have lost intrest in their own music. still a good album

Review by: moberg

Well I must say that it is another classy album and it did win 4 huge music award including a grammy in Norway. But that to me means absolutley nothing other than Satyr or Sigmund, whatever his name is has a unique talent. The album is great and just as good in its own way as Rebel Extravaganza. IM not too into female vocalists in black metal, but I think Satyr cares about his craft and is a perfectionist so you know this is what he wanted done and thus its pure satyricon. A sell out to what, its still gonna be the same people listening to it from before, satyricon is not gonna storm Rolling Stone magazine, there is no sell out or anything at all, if you play metal of any kind and its extreme youll never be a sell out

Review by: chris_02

i'm not sure how you go from immortality passion to fuel for hatred, and needless to say i was dissapointed. this is a good metal album, i would say it's far from black metal, but the band seems very bored with their music. this recording almost sounds as if no one was there, but the instruments played themselves. i have no objection with the changing style, although they were best at bieng one of the better black metal bands in the 90's, but they seem to have lost all passion on this one.

Review by: frostdemonstorm

I think Satyricon has lost their way by releasing this album. When listening to Volcano I can hardly believe this is the band that made Dark Medieval Times that is the highlight of them. Here however... there's no sign of medieval darkness anymore nor of Black Metal at all!
Just monotonous riffs, that makes one fall asleep... really boring. It was a great mistake to release this effort. Sorry, but this album is the epitaph on Satyricon's grave...

Review by: Goatworship

Albums like this make me so sad. It really is SO sad to see that great bands develop into pop-like bands withholding no interest for sound or music. The only great track on Volcano is “Repined Bastard Nation”, and then I also like “With Ravenous Hunger” and “Black Lava” a little bit more than the other tracks. For true fans of Satyricon this is a bad release, which makes you remember the good old days when the band made “Nemesis Divina”

4 out of 10

Review by: Demonheart

Whoever says this albums sucks is a dumbass! This is Satyricon's most heaviest and hateful album, and it's still black fucking metal! Is it bad that Satyr just wanted to throw in a few new things instead of doing the same thing every album? He is a musical genius and therefore he can do whatever the fuck he wants and it still sounds good. I know they are on TV now, but that doesn't matter,atleast they haven't sold out and still are Satyricon! My favorite on this CD is "Angstridden", and then of course "Fuel for Hatred". Fuck off to whoever doesn't like this! It's so ugly and grim you must fucking have it!

Review by: fosvart

Clearly a masterpiece. Maybe the best metal album of the year! It's Black Metal mixed with different metal sub-genres, such as the very thrash-inspired Fuel For Hatred and Possessed. The opening and closing tracks are... whew! F**cking great!

Review by: puerkito

production: 10
music: 15
lyrics: 9
attitude: 10
voice: 10*10*10

Review by: Return_of_the_Dark

Now this is what I call overrated. Very boring music. The riffs contains none of the atmosphere I liked so much in the earlier Satyricon albums(except rebel extravaganza of cource). The vocals are also quite lame. You cant call this piece of shit black metal.
But some of the songs have actually some nice parts, like "black lava" and the end of "repined bastard nation". But overall a quite boring and dissapointing album.

Review by: manndaudsvinter

Satyricon cant copy themselves for each album. You have to take a step further for each album, this is exactly what Satyr have done with Volcano. Volcano is far more extreme than Rebel, and a much better album in all ways. You cant expect a new "Dark Medievil Times" after so long time. This record contains some really great tracks. But also you can say it is a little dry. 8 / 10

Review by: Grimkvit

Volcano is a superb album. Satyricon has certainly changed their sound from their first albums to now, but the intensity, power and sheer techincal skill all remain. Frost's FUCKING crazy drumming is still there as are the riffs and vocals that made these guys famous in the first place. Volcano on a whole sounds as dark, and evil as ever. Especially the track "Black Lava," which gives the feeling of sinking into a pool of black , trying desperately to escape to no avail. Sure some of the tracks sound more "popular" than in the past, does that make them sound less "good"? Satyricon has trimmed their sound to make it accessible to the most people, to get their message across. This album is certainly worth getting. 8.9/10

Review by: khendric

Well, just another review to the already too many words which try to describe this majestic album.
I will be brief. It is very cold, a more modern touch to the classical black metal though. Some minimalist female vocals scattered around the tracks, violent and pounding drumming, raw and repetitive but not at all boring, on the contrary catchy guitar riffs, almost when u think that tediousness overcomes you, the rythm is suddenly changed and the listener is drifted towards a different sound.

All in all superb album, ignore Satyricon trend towards commercialism and pop culture (mind u! culture - therefore image, esthetics, NOT sound), this release is still in the vein of Norsk Black Metal but slightly more modernistic.

10/10 with special note to Black Lava track and the bonuses.

Review by: Lucinski

I see alot of people having trouble with the musical progress Satyricon makes. This music is great, though different from their early work. Satyricon is evolving with each release so you can never compare any album of them. As from their first demo the made a stand in Black-Metal with every album.
This album kicks ass. the lyrics are even greater. Put on your record and indulge.
Can wait for their next album NOW DIABOLICAL. Saw their broadcast on the internet last week.

"buy vinyl, mp3 is killing the music and the artists"

Review by: Beavis

This album is really great and has the the really heavy black metal sound. Production is perfect, vocals are just as perfect as always. One thing that is really great with satyricon is that each album sounds so fucking special. You can always count with Satyricon. They don´t mess up anything. They create highclass BM-albums all the time !
Please... Don´t be a stupid say this is shit. You just humiliate yourself.

Review by: gustav_

I didn't want to wright review for VOLCANO but i just want it to mention that in Norway that is the base of Satyricon, VOLCANO & NOW,DIABOLICAL CDs costs about 109 nok,but NEMESIS DIVINA & SHADOWTHRONE,oh,DARK MEDIEVAL TIMES too that are 10 to 12 years old cds still costs about 160 nok!!!!So,you may see what kind of super BM band SATYRICON was!!!no more,i hope everyones gets the point.

Review by: sotiricon

fuel for hatred and angstridden the best songs of this album i enjoy them very much

Review by: mistress

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