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I think that they are one of the best bands we have here in Greece.Great Album!

Review by: Loki_the septic

Septic Flesh`s first fullenght is a great work of atmospheric death- metal. Killer songs, great atmosphere`s, and a mystical feeling. A highly recomended and legendary album. One minor flaw is that they use a drum machine instead of a real drummer. If you buy the re- issue, you get the entire Temple Of The Lost Race as bonus tracks.

Review by: serenity

This one gets my vote for best of Septic Flesh, though I might say Esoptron on another day. the first album lacks the quality mixing we hear later, but its slower parts have a nice dark ambience within that lower quality recording that the other albums cannot match.

Review by: ttong

the unique style of septic flesh has made them known from this very album. perfect atmosphere and excelent guitar lines for this masterpice of atmospheric death metal!

Review by: sotiricon

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