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Simply wonderful, an incredible mix of black metal, orchestra and synthesizer. 10/10

Review by: Hansi

this album fucking rules!!! is one of the best albums i have evr lesten to... i completely think that, as the label classified it, is the soundtrack of a horror movie that will never be made.let alone that, this album is far from being thrash or black metal than osama bin laden from beign a jehova witness

Review by: sahameth

This is fucking great! It's my favourite Sigh release. The music is hard to describe, it's a bit of everything, calling it blackmetal would be too easy, although this album is dark, it contains a lot more than just blackmetal. The keyboard usage was in one word awesome, actually they're all very good musicians. Only thing that might be disappointing is the singer, even though he ain't bad, he ain't good either, just mediocore vocals, nothing special there. In other words: divinity on a cd. Although if you're "closeminded", you probably shouldn't spend your money on this.

Review by: sgurd

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