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A very awesome album. Sigh's lyrics are very good, not to mention their playing is also very good. But, their vocals need work. You can easily understand everything they sing about, which sort of takes away from the mystery. But still, a very good band, maybe even better than the Japanese Abigail.

Review by: KamiKazeKrieg

Unlike their later experimental albums, this is more in the tradional vein of metal. This release contains raw midpaced blackmetal with some heavy metal influences. The synth isn't so much of a mature instrument like in their later releases. It is mostly in the back accentuating the creepy atmosphere, after all this is horror themed metal. The bass has a "warm" sound and is setting the base for the "spooky" atmosphere you will find on this album. The vocals indeed could have used some work, there are no torturing screams or something alike, these are just cookiemonster growls. Although they don't play as experimental and/or technical as on Imaginary Sonicscape, they actually do know how to play unlike most other blackmetal bands. The production isn't too well, the guitars are too much in the back while the bass and vocals are at the front and the drums in between. Although it's worth a listen once in a while, I'd say: stick with the later releases.

Review by: Sgurd

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