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some songs have electronic

but sounds good

note: i dont like electronic

Review by: edgar a:d

It's Morten Veland, what else do you need to know?. Excellent album, very melodic

Review by: donomaniaco

There is something in it but I have heard better albums. Anyway it's worth to own

Review by: Jack the Nipper

The touch of Morten Veland !

Great album

Review by: [-evil-]

who likes tristania ?
well go and buy this album and u will not regret it if u like tristania "coz morten veland the extreme vocale in tristania in widows weed & beyond the viel is the vocal in this band which he made"

Review by: Ancient

only great!!!one of the best gothic/black stuff i have come accross with!!!it greatly combines electronic sound with black vocals and gothic melodies!!!and, it has that "liquid" sense of music, totally "sirenian-oceanic"...well, what else can i say, buy it, and let the music speak of my part........

Review by: CountessPersephone

Nice album of Morten Veland, the brain of Tristania now plays in Sirenia. (better than Tristania). The female vocals are great. If you don't like this kind of music much, you can always listen to it between some blacker albums.

Review by: uruk'hai

Let me tell you one..
You cannot find bands like this one every day
I think you know what I mean...this is a masterpiece

Review by: vampyric

Sirenia is one of the greatest band of all times. The music that they play can not be out do of any other band. The mixture of voices that Sirenia have is unique, it's one of a kind. Sirenia is one of many other great Norweagian band. Norway have also Dimmu Burgir, The Sins of Thy Beloved, and Tristania which are also great metal bands. Their latest album An Elixir for Existance is magnificent(especially "A Mental Symphony"), but "At Sixes and Sevens" should also wourth a hearing.


Hello, excellent Sirenia´s debut album!!!... better said, this band must to be called... TRISTANIA!!, becouse SIRENIA gathers the first essence of Tristania´s old music, becouse M. Veland was the leader of Tristania and Sirenia sound like Tristania must to be!!!...
Excellent tracks, excellent voices, grand the female chorus are fascinatings (like old Tristania), the opera... mixed with guitar riffs and voice of M. Veland!!!, this is (for me) the true gothic metal(like other excellent bands like HAGGARD and LACRIMOSA), and this album is not so electronic like TRISTANIA'S "world of glass" (I don't like very much), welcome SIRENIA Debut!!!... the true gothic music!!!!!!!!

Review by: Northvisions

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