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It's long, very long, very very long.......
The music is absuletly briliant and the lyrics and the atmosphere is kept from the Minas Morgul album..i don't know but i still like this album more than Minas.

Review by: Zagule

this one is alot like Minas Morgul but sounds like the band has matured some since their previous release. if you liked Minas you should surley enjoy this one. I think this one is a bit better. its even a bit longer by about a minute or so.

Review by: seyone

when you write a good story, it's often to long, to write it down in one single have to write a sequel.
that's what do guldur is.
the songs are very similar to those on minas morgul and that's good!
it's an awesome atmospheric cd, though not quite as good as "mm"!

Review by: herrderwuestenlande

No doubt that this is Summoning's best output yet.
few tracks tend to bore a little (very common with summoning) but overall this album is quite a masterpiece and a landmark for Summoning.

Review by: forgotten

this is a very very good album! and also a very long album.

Review by: celtic-frost

"Dol Guldur" was a plesant surprise after hearing bad things about it. I don't think it's better than "Minas Morgul" (or my favorite: "Stronghold"), but it still gives ALOT, though it contains a few tracks which are a bit of a bore. But hey, nobody's perfect, but Summoning is VERY close!

8 out of 10

Review by: Demonheart

very long album-totally LORD OF THE RINGS atmosphere .nice

Review by: iudicium

3 words:
BEST - ALBUM - EVER, period.

Review by: schattenjagger

One of the best atmospheric acts in metal, truly worthy the listening, truly worthy the peregrination through the vast lands of the Midle Earth with the mighty Eye upon you looking from the distance... we are getting into Mordor now...

Review by: xibalba

this is an awsome album becasue of the epic feeling that is present in every track. It is melodious, mid-paced and slow for most part and the synth is used very well.

Review by: error

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