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Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame.A very unusual title for a Summoning album.That was the first thing that came to my mind.In the other hand the music is absolutely GREAT!!!The song structures are based on the Dol Guldur style , with the epic keyboard influences of Stronghold.A new part in their music is some epic clear vocals scattered in the album mostly in the refrains.That makes the music even more epic.Check out the absolute hymn of the album , the 8th track-Farewell.To conclude this is another masterpiece from Summoning essential for all kinds of heavy metal freaks!!!

Review by: nicklag

No doubt this is the greatest album of Summoning up to this date..hailz to Protector and Silenius!

Review by: Zagule

So the saga continous and this album sure gave more then i would dare to dream of. Its as great as ever with more of an soft touch to this album and you can tell that the material has been worked over again and over again to accomplish exactly what was the idea from the begining and to purify the melodies to perfection. this truely is a masterpieces unregardingly if you like black(epic) metal or not. It also brings out the true essence of lord of the ring, which of course is what the (great)lyrics about. So buy this album and take your mind on a journey to mountains cold and carves old, old, old...

Review by: hellhamerrr

"Let the Mortal..." presents one of the best albums ever. Very bombastic opus, full of medievle and folk melodies from Middle-earth. Pure masterpiece...

Review by: Lord Karpath

what the heck ? Nobody warned me summoning is that great , i have to admit , this is their best release , even without female vocals summoning creates a super "tolkien" atmosphere , forget enya and all those lord of the rings crap musicians , next time let the immortal summoning sing the soundtrack ! 95 / 100

Review by: um jammer nectarus

another step in the evolution of summoning.
new innovations and elements make this album sound a little bit strange (a least compared to the earlier masterpieces) but on does get used to it after a few listens.
as well as the prior works, an awesome cd on a very high level!

Review by: herrderwuestenlande

Hmmm, of course a good album, but I think all other Summoning records except Lugburz are better than this one. Somehow i lack the very deep feeling here, that made the earlier albums so unbelievable great. Donīt get me wrong, this is a very unique, artful album, but somehow a little disappointing to me.

Review by: Necroking

If you are open to a new kind of BM, you must try it. This Cd is my best of this band. The keys are used with intelligence.

Review by: darkheavens

How long are those guys going to sell us the same stuff? They copy themselves. And those plastic keyboards- annoying

Review by: morteaz pl

one of the best Summoning albums : brillant intro and outro + grim 'orkish' vocals + powerfull drums = true middle-earth (or even mordor) feeling !
Hail to Silenius and Protector !
In a darknes ... bind them !

Review by: koval

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