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This record is very expensive 25min for 12€ :it's a single !!
Good music but no real voices...

Review by: Meka_Boss

with the lost tale record, summoning turned their backs on their roots.
there are NO guitars and NO growls on the cd.
the songs are not too bad (i like arkenstone!) but they lack the atmosphere summoning is famous for.
originally the two songs were ment to appear on stronghold, it was a good choice not release them that early, for they do not fit the style of stronghold or earlier works...

Review by: herrderwuestenlande

you can't here it more than 4-5 times, but as long as your not sick of it - it's a very pleasant listen.

Review by: forgotten

Kind of a Melodic Techno, Is not Black Metal, Is Not Metal, Is not Summoning. This is a Horrible Shit. This shame the good name of Summoning.

Keep Out of this.

Review by: Grond

Fuck all of you earlier "critics", this surely is a masterpiece as good as any. This is as much summoning as it gets, they only used diffrent technics to get that typical summoning feeling, and they done a hell of a good job. This release doesnīt need growling, guitars or intensive drumming itīs a very pleasent listening. Really looking forward to a fullenght album with their "new" sound. Check out Arkenstone, really groundbreaking stuff.

Review by: Hellhamerrr

i don't know if u have to buy this cd, but let me say one thing : u have to listen to "Arcenstone" at least one time in your life !!!!!!

Review by: arsenic

This album is f*cking good. Okay it's expensive and this is no metal but what the f*ck? If you don't like this music don't buy this cd then, but don't say this is a bad album because it's no metal. I give it 9/10

Review by: fluisterwoud

A 16 minutes cd is songs not a cd
there are only 2 songs ( at least they are good)
in my opnion: 7/10

Review by: netin

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