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well here´s where it all began(not quite though Upon the viking stallion was their first piece). Hearing this you can clearly see that their developing in comparison to the later albums. The first thing that comes to mind is the production. The soundscape is more rough, the guitars more distorted and their is less layers in the music and vocals are more howling and reminds abit of burzum, not that much digitalized musicmaking here. This is just great music with a harsh touch to it that missing on their later albums, kind of an demo feeling to be found here. But if you got a trained ear you can still hear the summoning sound even though this is almost entirely guitarbased music with synthpassages inbetween, not to mention the great synthintro. This album is for the black metal audience only, so all you heavy metal heads take your business elsewhere...

Review by: hellhamerrr

this album is something like a borderline.
it still has several elements found on the demotapes, giving it a typical black-metal touch but for the first time the future "epic" style of summoning becomes revealed.
lugburz is an excellent album absolutly worth to purchase!

Review by: herrderwuestenlande

Well this is one of the best melodic and atmospheric BM albums ever made. The songs have a really nice epic feeling and the vocals are really grim and evil.The lyrics are about dark side of TOLKIEN and i really love that. They travel me right through the nocturnal landscapes of middle earth.REAL MASTERPIECE BUY OR DIE

Review by: Lord Storm

I think this is their best album because it just sounds more 'black metal' than on the later albums hehe. There is a better atmosphere on it I think and they use a real drummer on this album so it sounds better to me. And also, the production isn't as good as on the later albums and I like it that way.

Review by: celtic-frost

this album fucking rules i have it and it is one to keep. protector has the fucking best black metal voice around other than shagrath of dimmu, and abboth of immortal

Review by: moonshadow

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