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I love this! if you want slow and atmospheric black metal played extrememly well with great melodies than this is the record for you. running over an hour how can you pass it up?

Review by: seyone

In oposition to many people I think that its their best album.

Review by: Van^d^all

Minas Morgal is a Great Summoning album. For Me it captures the essence of evil that tolkien wrote about in Middle Earth.

Review by: Aforetime Of Darkness

This is Summoning's best album. It was the first one I heard and it blew me away. While the ones that followed it were great, none of them came close to being better than this one. I think that the reason for this is that this album is not as grand, bombastic, and over the top with the keyboards as their later albums. This album has more of a "long journey" atmosphere than a "glory" atmosphere of their later albums. The songs are also a bit more medieval oriented, like Pazuzu or Die Verbannten Kinder Evas. If you like this album, I suggest checking out those two bands.

If you don't have this, get off your ass and GET IT RIGHT NOW!!

Review by: Svantevit

this is the besti piece of music ever released!
i have never heard an album with that mutch density or atmosphere.
when you hear the music, pictures come in to your mind, of the stories the songs tell about.

no later releades summoning album was able to reach up to minas morgul's qualities.
it's just too beautifull

Review by: herrderwuestenlande

I consider Minas Morgul as Summoning's argueably best album!
Mesmerizing melodies of middle-earth landscapes, you can almost feel the mountain air, the music is simply ingenius.. BUY IT!!

Review by: Vogarnth

All Summoning albuns have their special beauty..but Minas Morgul is the essence....

Review by: Vampyric

Sometimes I wonder how some bands just have "IT"! Summoning is a great and atmospheric band with the mood of "The Lord of the Rings" (no shit!). The home world of the dark riders, Minas Morgul, is what has given us this great album,Žand though I like Stronghold better, this one is a BLAST of a ride! Enjoy it!

9 out of 10

Review by: Demonheart

I don't know if this album is the best Summoning ever did, but is absolutely amazing.
The melodies are pure delightement, magical I would say, 'Dagor Bragollach' or 'The legend of the master-ring' are perfect examples. And what about the epic songs like 'Lugburz' or 'Ungolianth' ? Impressive, godly work.
Hail Summoning.

Review by: danchloe

much better than the subsequent release. why?

Review by: ttong

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