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if you are a fan of this band then there is no reason not to have this. yes it is only four tracks but they run at over a half an hour so its still alot of music for you money, also it sounds like previous material so buy it.

Review by: seyone

The songs that can be found within "Nightshade Forest" belong to "Dol Guldur" period. Somehow, very interesting opus of Summoning, based mainly on keyboards and atmosphere.
The guitars stayed below and didn't any important part. "Nightshade Forest" consists of four tracks, the ward is about mini CD, but it's lenght is more then a half of hour. However very strage output, reaching some new dimensions in Summoning legacy.

Review by: Lord Karpath

This cd, is one of the best atmosphairic black metal works i have ever heard;it is dark, yet melodic and artistic.I do not want to exaggerate, but it has quality that cannot be easily found.To the people that tell me that black metal is alll trash , has nothing to show, has no cultural significance and so on, one of the cd's i would give them to listen to , and change their mind, is this.I also have to say that this is the first work of thia band i came across with, and i am enthusiastic about it!!!!!

Review by: CountessPersephone

this cd consist out of stuff, that was not released on dol guldur.
so it sounds very much alike, which does not mean, that it lacks innovation. no! each of the four songs builds up his own dense atmosphere, making nightshade forests one of the best mini.cds ever

Review by: herrderwuestenlande

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