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Not so bad, really, but i expected something better. "Orkish" language rulez ;)

Review by: koval

This relase seems to be closer to the older releases. The drum style is like the last release LMHSYF, whatever the sounds changed. The drums is this time again performed on keyboard. The sound changed and I prefered the sound of the drum on LMHSYF. I must mention that the guitars is came back to their origin. It sound more rough and agressive than ever, but less melodic in my point of view. For the fans of Summoning, this release is a must again because it's a big turn of the historic of Summoning. The songs are so long and very polyphonic like the old releases. Enter in the dream of Tolkien!!

Review by: darkheavens

this album is fucking awesome "might and glory" is the best song on the album. this whole album is great one of the best, it is so melodic. and mirdautas vras in orc language. it rules its a must have

Review by: moonshadow

this album fuckin rules. it is very melodic and orchestral, u cant just listen to it, u have to be u have to be a part of it and follow it

Review by: moonshadow

Summoning- Oath Bound
one of the most expected albums for this year (at least for me)...
well, now i have mixed feelings about it. listening to it for a third time and still can not get into the album. this is somehow diluted, without a clear idea as a guide-line and may be the worst here is that the whole album sounds like a bad copy of "let mortal heroes sing your fame".
my favorite song for now seams to be "Mirdautas Vras" although i will give to the album more spins, hope for good.
In general- a typical Summoning but not that Summoning that i've expected, like their progress stopped a few years ago...

Review by: Black-throne

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