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It doesn´t happen that a modern black metal album gets my attention, tired as I am of crappy cheesy "evil" bands that arise in the scene every day. But I can simply say that Taake is the best "new" band from the cold and misty mountains of Norway. This their first full-length album is absolutely awesome. First of all it´s an album visually weird. A long-nailed guy appears on the cover, very gloomy. We can´t see the titles of the songs in the back cover or in the booklet. Besides of that, the lyrics of the songs are written in runes... only from these things we could expect another pretentious gang of fake sons of Odin... Wrong. The music is very enjoyable and cold at the same time, with enormous melodies, good musical skills, great vocal lines -including a "pagan" voice that fits perfectly in the music- and, in a nutshell, immense songs. The different tempos are managed with good sense and the guitarwork looms above the musical spectre throughout all the album, without lacking the interest of the listener. Here you´ll find melodies that will occupy your head and your heart, no doubt about that. No words can express the magic inside this CD, I just can recommend you buy this album if you like true black metal without labels.

Review by: Fjordi

hello dear metaller !
yes...if you like true dark motherfuckin black metal you must listen to this masterpiece...! really dark and cold, too fast but still melodic and grim. guitars are like BURZUM's immortal and great album FILOSOFEM and drums are realy fast and brutal like EMPEROR's drums voices !
vocals show you a real vision of dark and true black metal screams. when you hear this album you fill you walk through the darkness of forests and coldness of mountains. yes i realy like album..... one of the greatest "true" black metal album in the history.
rating 9.5/10

Review by: demafire

I am truly impressed with this cd.Just when i thought the Norwegian BM scene was over,i was wrong.I guess there is still some hope after all. Hail to that,Fjordi

Review by: akhenaten

this album is simply brilliant
all the album it's a obscure monolith.
at first, this album do not have named songs, and the booklet it's simply a book with symbols in norway that we can't read, it's impossible. all this aspects turn this peace of art in a dark and nocturne vision. the concept art it's brilliant, it is simply a man that it's praying or something like that, surrounded by a ambient of total darkness, it's perfect.
But we still have the musics, simply brilliant. this is a contrast of dark and icy riffs and vocals, very hard, we can fill all the black and cold wind of norway, but at the same time the guitars are very melodic, so it's the mixture of hard stuff with melodic stuff... simply brilliant
in the first music we can ear a gothic voice, that it's just brilliant, all the riffs in all the album are perfect and dark.

Review by: abismo

A beautiful piece of black metal art.The lyrics are wrote in runes on the cover and they are sung in Nordic. Everything about this album has a nordic feel. The instrumental track is great. I think this album is one of the greatest and most emotional black metal albums ever to come from Norway or any other country

Review by: tranquilizedaz

Awesome, just awesome. This sure as hell is not an ordinary blackmetal album, this is an evil, sorrowful and grim athmospheric album of norse blackmetal.

Review by: kvlt

What a great cd, just take a look at the cover, simple but effective, just like the music. This album is the fist in the face of the Melodic BM scene! Great, furious nordic anthems! Put on Nattestid and you will mindtravel (Immortal, anyone?) the vast landscapes of the north. Oh,talking about Immortal:
"Sons Of Northern Darkness raises the banner of true Metal fucking high" - Abbath
This goes for Nattestid as well.

Review by: the_patriarch

just one thing to say... here is the north's mighty!!!

Review by: musta_miekka

this is the best black viking metal after the enslaved - frost, is really great, perfect vocals, guitar work, fast if pure norwegian black metal!!!!

Review by: blot

A great album given by Høst! Not so good that the songs are not namned,only seperated in parts. Check ou part 4,1 and 6,though.
Hail Taake and all the others norwegian black metal!!!!

Review by: mayhem91

One of the greatest black metal albums ever. I guess this masterpiece is the one I have heard most of in my life. You never get tierd of this album. It's cold, atmospheric and sounds like black metal should sound like. Every part on this album takes you on a journey with Hoest through cold and dark woods of Norway. Every part (song) on this album has it's feeling and lyrics that you can feel everytime you listen to it. This album is a MUST, for every black metal fan out there. Hoest is a genius and his trilogy (Nattestid, Bjoergvin and Doedskvad) is over, but I hope we can hear more works from Hoest as he may be the last one who stills know how to play "True Norwegian Black Metal"!

Review by: Shadowfury

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