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This Thrash/Death Metal Release I think is the best of The Crown....It offers more than 50 minutes of music.
The production is very decent, guitar riffs are very heavy with enjoyable solos, mid-tempo drums and vocals are amazing too.
Each song is elaborated, thought and arranged with technique, musicianship and maturity. It is an album very easy to get into, and hard to get bored of.
If you do not own this one, definately get it, after listening you will have an instant thought of admiration towards this musical talent.
My punctuation -----------> 10/10

Review by: Bathoryfc

OH FUCK!!!!!!!!!
This album is a greatest thing since invention of Jack Daniel's whisky!!!!! The "jucy" black'n'roll style combined with some death metal brutality makes the whole album incredibly energetic and perfect for all perverted headbangers (just like me ;). Oh fuck, I love the music like that!!!!!!!!!!
My favourites will be: "Devil Gate Ride", "Rebel Angel", "Blitzkrieg Witchcraft" and "Killing Star". They kill!
Bang your heads for THE FUCKIN' CROWN!!!!!!!!!


Review by: Timmy Hellstorm

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