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This is the best record,The Crown made in their 14 years (R.I.P.) All songs are different but equally strong,maybe one or two big "hits" that stood out as some of their must-playable songs live or whatever!
The only thing i have to complain about is that the sound is´nt the best(they had better on later Cd´s) but who said Death metal should be polished? The drums really crush and im impressed of this riff-orgy they had on their third and best record!! Highly recommended!!

Review by: alcot´hrasher

Indeed ultra fast death metal. The Poison first appeared on a CD sampler of some magazine back then. The band had already made their kick ass covers of Slayer in Slatanic Slaughter and Sepultura in Sepultural Feast.
But some people are really fucked up. Some assmo christian(!)glam band, also having the name "Crown Of Thorns" wanted it all for themselves (fucking sellout). So they got it. That's how the swedish extremists became "The Crown". Just imagine: christianity against The Crown. I just can't gat what's wrong with someone simply saying "God is dead" or "Angels die". Religion is gay.

Review by: Anselmo

This, is The Crown/Crown Of Thorns's masterpiece. Every track on this is unrelenting. The mixture of Thrash, Death and Rock and Roll is perfect.

Review by: sandrothecoolman

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