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the first time i heared this album i was drunk and oce the cd began my ears blow away ; what incredible bass sound felt like a bullet in my head is one of the best i've heared ; I've heared all the crown releases and this one not lay you down at all my friend.

Review by: alcoholico

It's aweful rude to say that The Crown lost it with
"Crowned In Terror". It just wasn't as good. But here is an album that might be as well refered to as Back2Basics.
"Posessed 13" is a great tytle. It marks the band's 13 year
history with 13 tracks of pure swedish death metal that only
The Crown will ever be able to accomplish. Great concept by the way. Something else... Johan is back on vox.

Review by: Anselmo

This album is pure Swedish Death metal. Even though The Crown broke up after the release of this album, this is perhaps one of the most solid albums they ever made. Taking riffs from many of their songs from the Forget The Lights/Forever Heaven Gone days, this album combines their old brutal tendencies with their newer more intricate playing. After the disappointment that was "Crowned In Terror," "Possessed 13" was a breath of fresh air.

Though it is sad that the Crown broke up, they went out with a bang. This album gets a 9/10, only because of the VERY silly lyrics, especially in Natashead Overdrive.

Review by: sandrothecoolman

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