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trail of tears plays opera metal which means alot of keyboards and a female singer that take over evrey song side by side with the grunt vocals to create a catchy album.
don't get me wrong i like keyboards and female vocals but when the go hand in hand with the music and not forced upon the song.
albums like that realy shouldn't be called metal.
if you like bands like after forever this band is for you
i don't believe that any true metalhead will love this album.
buttom line don't spent your money on this crap of an album!!!

Review by: midvinter2

I guess I'm not a "true" metal head as the previous reviewer states. Personally, I love this album. Yes, it is in the style as previously described. Female (soprano) vocals, male (growl/grunt) vocals and lots of keyboards. However, it IS metal. And an excellent release at that. But I understand that their are those that do not like the "high pitched" female vocals and the keyboards with their metal. If you are one of those people I'd stay away. However, if you are looking for a good listen, pick this album up.

Review by: Deafening_Silence74

I think that this album is not a crap. instead is a very good album, it has melody and bombastic sounds.The opera singer has a great voice, with a very wide Range.
best songs: When silence cries and Swallowed tears. the bonus is also great.

Review by: melo

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