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This album is a bit different than the last. Still the same style of music for the most part. I couldn't have told it was TOT until the third song. It was there that they fell back into their "style of music". The first two songs are different yet very good after I actually gave them a chance. I'm a fan of the sound they produced over their first and second albums. So, I was a bit shocked to hear the different vibe. All in all though this is yet another great release from this band.

Review by: Deafening_Silence74

dont bother yourself with the last 2 albums of the band...some critisized the first 2 albums to be unfocused and they lack something ....
BUT what we have here as the third album of Trail Of Tears is ,and mark my word, really a new dimension of might....they have changed there style from there prior albums to the good..and they sound angry! they are trying to say that we are a force not to be neglected.
what i really want to say...this is Brilliant Gothic metal album abd if you love Gothic Metal to complete your addition....i clap my hands for that album from Trail of Tears....good job guys!
98 points of 100

Review by: Ancient

A new dimension of might sounds more heavy than the other albums, they have aproach to the tristania sound.the new female singer has a beautifull voice. too bad that she only sang short parts. I think that the previous vocalist has a better voice.

Review by: melo

Actually I find this album a lot worse than the first two, its something close to Tristania's Beyond The Veil du the electro-gothic sound, and the singers sounds a bit like the one from Nightwish. Yet although this album has something new to offer in means of Treil Of Tears it is yet just another example of the borring gothic scene of current times. the guitars sound good from time to time but they're played on same riffs over and over again. An absolutely mediocre album without any really good song - 6/10!

Review by: Van-d-all

Well, it must be the better album in that kind of music ever done... TOT really have a lot of talent to mix up different kinds of music with a really original approach... It's a band to discover for all fans of extreme symphonic metal!!!!

Review by: mournfull eve

Who said that gothic metal couldn't be heavy? A New Dimension of Might leaves Trail of Tears's old slower, melodic styles for some heavy electro-boosted futureistic kick-ass tracks! There's still gothic metal though- one of the only GM bands to switch to a better style. A must have for gothic metal fans, and suggested for those who are looking to get into it!

Review by: Eipps

Hey Van-d-al!
If you think the album is crap, why the hell do you give it 6/10!!!???
I personally think that`s a quite good rate. How worthless does an album have to be to get 1/10 i wonder?

Review by: winterspell

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