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The second release of this band has picked up where the last one left off. No real differences here except that of a new female singer. I can't say that the new singer is any better or any worse than the last as they are both very good at what they do. As far as the album goes it is another great release. Same style and sound as the first release. Same opera/death vocals and those keyboards that some seem to dislike. I would have to recomend the entire TOT catalog if this type of music appeals to you.

Review by: Deafening_Silence74

Is true that Profoundemonium is similar to Diclosure in red.
But still there are differences. There are more keyboards and the female voice is more in the background. Is an excellent album.
best songs: Released at last and In frustrations web.

Review by: melo

I think its a nice album ...
and its a kind of metal ...but in adiffernet style
so...i think u should lsn yo it..thnx

Review by: bloodbath

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