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Fast raw powerful black metal but not very good in terms of quality of the compositions, just a medium level old-school black metal album.

Review by: latebroso

This first Unlord album is AWESOME! Awesome blast-beats and double-kick, awesome guitar riffs (the melodic guitar part in the middle of the song ''Scharwald'' is great) and the singer is one of the best I've heard in brutal black metal. A MASTERWORK from one of the best blackmetal bands in the world!!!

Review by: goat666

What can I say about this band? They are just what they say on the tin! Artillery styled, blasting and furious Black Metal! For me, they do the business and thats all I want!

The expertly mix synths into the background to create the perfect atmosphere rather than drown out the ferosity of the music! This is a wicked debut and the two albums that followed were equally as manic!

If you want nosebleed Black Metal that isn't just senseless strumming with no direction, this lot are definitely for you! I got all three albums together and none disappointed!!


Review by: Der Vergawaltiger

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