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Primal Massacre is a fast, traditionally Swedish sounding cd. It isn`t much different from their last few cds, although it is more intense sounding, due mostly to the vocalist putting some feeling into it this time around.
Here`s my breakdown:
Production: 9/10 very good, clear and crunchy
Songwriting: 7/10 also good, but songs tend to run together after a while.
Overall: not essential, but good to have in your collection.

Review by: badspud81

Really good stuff, similar to "Revelation Nausea". Kickass death metal, I like it.

Review by: Jack the Nipper

Combine pure classic death metal with the nowadays brutality and you get Vomitory. nothing compared with the sweden scene or sound, it actually sounds like old Suffocation albums. I gave it 8/10, I liked it a lot, but theres nothing innovative in this album.

Review by: Antikrisztus Wunderbar

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