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true sweedish death metal knows no comprimise vomitorys revolation nasea is the death metal that all sweeds should be proud to call there own. assblasting is an understatemnt
speaker shreading ear slashing braincrushing moulth numbing
are more apropriet terms. this is a must have album for anyone who thinks they have the loudest fastest record out there. the lyrics our'nt brilant but the chops & licks
will lick you chops clean off your....

Review by: bill

Brutal... fucking brutal. This is one of those albums you put on if you wanna get rid of a guest in a hurry. (Presuming that guest doesn't like death metal)
This is played with an intensity a lot of bands can only dream about. The lyrics maybe a little bit standard, but this one sure as hell blasts away!! Who's the king of kings?? ;)

Review by: Dismember

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