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Great album !! WoW was better but this one is much more tighter than Aeon. Great drum sound to. Hail Zyklon !!!

Review by: darkann

With Disintegrate, Zyklon are definitely back to the style displayed on their debut. The production once again aims to smack you straight in the face, and it does that. It definitely sounds more like World Ov Worms than Aeon, with Trym using more blasts and his snare piercing your skull.

One other thing the production brings out more on this release is the guitars, they are louder and also sound more raw and distorted than before. And the riffs...what do you expect? Absolute destruction. There's lots of variation and also catchiness in places. The solos are excellent too.

The vocals are much better than on Aeon, he continues to vary his style a lot and is very harsh. There's some very catchy vocal lines too, you may even find yourself shouting along on occasion. His bass is not very prominent but that's not what Zyklon is about.

Whether this is better than World Ov Worms or not, I can't decide. But I can decide that this is the best extreme metal release to come thus far in 2006.

Review by: Werny

well,the third of this great band,when you listen this one you can find that is more solid and more agressive than previous releases,it can be said that this one is a shade ov the aeon albun,the vocal style still being the same a very agressive shrienk and growl styles but better blended and the riff too with a notable evolution,
about solos are more straight like a fist on your face.
and about drums you can fell the zyklon.
a very recommended albun

Review by: lecezgar

I didnt find this as good as the other rerleases but its worth buying.I stll havent been dissapointed with Zyklon.

Review by: AndrewRebel

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