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Review by: chemicalmind

I don't like it very much. It's T O O brutal. Though it has pretty good songs like "Hammer Revelation" and "Transcendental War - Battle Between Gods". Zamoth and Trym could have done better than this.

Review by: Punisher

This album kicks ass! Brutal, fast, extreme, hard. It's like a bomb. Created for destroying. If you like brutal metal music, listen to this record. Great!

Review by: Norddh

This is the best album ever released.

Review by: Veislakt

This is a great album, one of the best damn albums ive heard in a long time. If you are into intensed riffs this is a record for you!

Review by: stellarmasterelite

This fabolous album is in my opinion much to underappreciated, as it is one of the most intelligent and brutal extreme metal album released. This is thrashed death metal of high class, brought to life by two of the most important extreme-metal creators of all time. Along with Daemon's(limbonic Art) brilliant vocal contribution, the musical expression is brought to a level far beyond my expectations for this release. The complex lyrical content by Faust adds a certain a certain touch of geniousity to the impression and experience of WorldovWorms.("Stereogothic void-Predestination of being.
Psychothronic shizoid-Conditioning the future").
Furthermore, I have to mention the fact that the brutality is brought to life by taking the speed of the musical performance to a very high and impressive level.This contibutes to making various parts of the songs to extremely high-quality "right in the face"-metal. And this album will not just punch you in the face; it will bash your face in and splatter the inside of your head all over the wall.
In other words; an album you got to consider acquiring if you like your metal extreme, inteligent and brutal. However, you might need to give a few of the songs some time to let them stick to your brain, but when they do you won't let go of them. Hail the misanthropic storm of Zyklon!

Review by: arg torden

zyklons world of worms tells of a past were recreating as a
futer. the deomons and gods that man creats to minipulate
millions. in my mind nothings to far from the truth. that being said about the ideology this record is an uncomprimising slab of brutality. guitars like tornados shatering dissposebel faiths turning tables reaking havok
with riffing up rooting bind servitude and treatenig to punish a failed system in a crule world. drums pack the
assult to the max. the bass pounds the sculls of the close
minded fools. vocals echoing all the above. i'd call it a
blackdeath record. i give it 8/10

Review by: bill

One of the best BM/DM album ever released!!!Brutal and vith a strong motivated lyrical concept that keeps the streams of human reality in their anti political-animal side , this is that Norway metall needed from '95 thill now.(hell is nomore a tail with monsters and so on ,it is fucking INDUSTRY)
Keep this way Zyklon and HAYLS TO DR.PSYKLON!!!

Review by: aghiuta

It's fucking greatest album of Zyklon: real, brutal and sincere! I love this one - 'cause it's the "musthave" for Daemon's Limbonic Art fans! Stay Fucking Brutal!

Review by: Stigmatheist

I bought this cd a few months ago, and as soon as Hammer Revelation kicked in I was speechless throughout the entire thing. The transitions between falce-meltingly fast parts to the ultra-heavy thick, chugging parts left my jaw hanging. The lyrics are awesome, Trym and Samoth are godly as usual, Destructor is wicked on lead guitar, and Daemon truly is Satan incarnate. When it was all over, my brain was so pummelled that the only thing that I could say was 'holy..shit'. A true blackened death masterpiece. Not recommended for the weak, though, because these guys hit hard. 10/10

Review by: False Messiah

I like this album and think its worth buying.Its heavy kind of fuck of or ill smash your fucking face metal! Give em a listen you might like em!

Review by: AndrewRebel

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