The 3rd and the Mortal
In This Room


I long for you
as a flower longs for the morning dew
I long for you
A a hind longs for the running streams

Frown on me no more
and let me smile agaon
before I go away
and cease to be

While I refused to speak
my agony was quickened
my heart burned within me
as the fever rose
my eyes are open
but I can not see


so pure
once again inhaling the poison
fluttering oxygen

This room
this irregular galaxy
this glassy stone
falling from your skull

That's all
as if I was alive
an event
a journey

But still wishing......
your appearence could melt
so pure


This rave masquerade
of sophisticated vampires
they stride between earthworms
entrance the soil
they edge along pavements
intoxicated vampires
evasive evasive
escape the resounding bell
evasive more evasive
sophisticated vampires
sent out of this world
by a fountain of blood

Sort of invisible.

- Good evening, Mr. Thompson
(you callous guy)
- How do you do?
- Good evening, Mrs. Thompson
(luxuriant madame)
- How do you do your hair?
- Oh, I recognized you in the crowd
even though you were
sort of invisible.
- Oh yes, I am so satisfied,
and I love you both very well
Thank you!


The cat sharpens its claws
and runs into the cornfields
children playing hide and seek
A frail figure dressed in a cape
wandering with measured steps
haunted by derisive words

They want to capture the ogress
wandering aimlessly
finding pebbles on the ground
picking leaves from an oaktree
stalks make rents in green sails
have some candy
she says

Far beneath the raging sea
lies a monstrous vessel
chained men singing elegies


Built walls of porouse words
made labyrinths and steeples
which speared the atmosphere
a ray of light was let in
blinded me
shattered my white knuckles

I wake under the gray face of a tree
dambering in coagulated blood
prevail in a life less scenery
I grasp 'round the dead wooden stem
crawl into the narrow shades

The spiders web has caught me
and slowly in silk I'm entwined

I remember me
do you?
did you find me?
did you kill me?
did you bury me?
did you?


The nimbus of the moon
reasting on a pitch-dark sky
pierced by a needle
a myriad of peep-holes
the moist earth against my ear
hear the moles industrious search for a lair
who throws the serpents swimming in the air

By the birches
wings are trembling
the beetle buzzes
waving its feelers
come drink with me
the moonbeams will make us reel
who throws the serpents dancing in the air

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