Ancient Entities Arise

1. Abazagorath -
In the Heart of a Dying Star

In the heart of a dying star
I am might eternal
Strength beyond all strength
An omen, sorrow shalt be yours

Destroyer of all light
Kneel and fall to my will
Infinite emperor
Devourer of worlds

Deep in the utter dark
Tearing apart all in my path
Chaos winds benighted
A crown of desolation

All life wrenched free
Torn inwards into my heart

Infinite emperor
Devourer of worlds
Destroyer of all light
Kneel and fall to my will

Forge your fragile flesh with my hate
Dance upon my razor blades
Slipping through poisoned aeon gates
Solar winds pull at your soul
To dwell where everything is black
To emerge where everything is cold

2. Abazagorath -
Beyond the Veils of Obscurity

A nameless path
Moves before me
Reign of phantoms
Unfolds in a deafening silence

Velvet curtains
Betray my sight
In the chamber beyond
The dead are laughing

To know existence
Is being without life
In this place my skin is cold
In my heart... emptiness

My paradise, the cold and snow
A way to eternity awaits
Voices call to me in shadows
Beyond the veils of obscurity
Mansion of the damned
I hear their deadly moans
Statues observe in darkness
In darkness....... My soul is midnight
Eternally black

Mansion of the damned
I hear their deadly moans
Statues observe in darkness
In darkness......
My paradise, the cold and snow
Beypond the veils of obscurity

3. Abazagorath -
Pitch Black Tomb

Seduced by this morbid autumn
To rest in its eternal slumber
The end follows not far behind

Ashes of my heathen pride
Shall sow the seeds of our future
Ashes of a tormented soul
Shall glow in the flames below

Rusted nails pierce my flesh
Salt pouring into my wounds
Echoing screams to deaf ears
Driving my own hearse down
Into hell....... hell
I am death
My abhorrent spectre haunts
So it is the autumn of my soul

Expanding and contracting
In the winds of fire
My transparent decay fades
In remembrance....

Bitter is the taste
Of the grief
In my very soul

My grave... so cold
My grave... pitch black tomb
My grave... exists no more...

4. Blood Storm -
Nox Marma Damnation

Opened the portals of Yuggoth
Seeking to cross beyond the night
Charming the gate of Daath
Launching as thunder and flame

Solidify in the void of inbetweeness
The solar eye of Nuit entranced
The venom's olden curse
All the cosmic angels laid to waste

Is this ultra chaos, in crimson emptiness?
Is this a grave realm for altered wisdom?
Is this a mastered Zothyria, death infinite?
Is this death dreaming, Nox Marma Damnation?

Locked into the unsilent sleep of Naga
Plagued in the waters of space now hidden
Asphyxiating curse of timeless dread
Evil eyes dissolve the ego of the enchanted

The gate to cross the universe collapsed
Inflicting the succession of progression
The transformation is left unclean in treason
Hypersensitive damnation will reflect both sides

5. Blood Storm -
The Weredaathian

A dark element unfolds into form
Out of black mist is life
Spiritual development of mystic insanity
This magical child is of horrid force
Unnameable, unspeakable, unforgiven
Abandoned in the crimson abyss
Fallen current fades its mass
Ophidian mannikin a foul and divine phenomena

Paragon, cruel, bright shining one - Weredaathian
Ghoulish transmutation of Qliphotic fallen

Consumed by the universe
Where the gates collapse inside
Judgment is the insight of powers
Consume all that is dissolved in madness
Baptized in the erosion of resurgence
Primal illumination will collide the worlds

It grows as the star bleeding
The changing current is the flesh of death
The damnation breed of shadows
Is the path way in furious channels
The revolution of crossing reborn in chaos

6. Blood Storm -
Zain Inversion Terror

Terror inversion - Subjugation!
Crush evolution - Dehumanization!
Twins are imploding - Maat genocide!
Universe is collapsing - Light and Dark are Dying!

Perpetual punishment illusion is now law
No will or existence can pass on in divine
All is lost in the unpure
Anger of the blackened hallowed one

Trapped once before
The demon of the fallen door
Unjust and untrue dimensional
Shadow of Ku
The aeons crossed lie tragic
Condemned in the Weredaathian magick
Infect the worlds with suffering
Unbalance to the guardians will bring

This is the result of ignorance
Only to see now no atavistic resurgence
Law of one's own will has been stolen
This is the result of defying the place of crossing

The gift of a bastard transmutation
Life is now a negative hallowed one for all
Eternal slaves altered the power of suggestion
All will live as agony mannikins
Parched with poisons

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