Burning the Shroud

Burning the Shroud

within you it lies since the rise of your time
you've feared it ignored but truth never lies
its existence marked at the birth of time
the darkness inside
the shadows
that dance in your soul

to deny is to fear
embrace the darkness
reveal in its power
within it lies the harmonious truth
a voyage into the cave of shadows
yields the jewels of knowledge and wisdom

does not the night
and the silver moon
enchant your being

the caressing whisper of the night
no harm will come to those who are true of heart
look to the sun and the brightness shall blind you
stare into the black embrace
the sight deepened with wisdom

free your consciousness
accept the reality of darkness
it has never been a place of dread
knowledge and wisdom
is given to those who seek
achieve the empowerment
of endless mysterious nights

Raven and Blood (1999 Version)

high fathers - teaching
knowledge - increasing
wandering through lands
listening - mysterious folk lore
enchantment - through books

desire - to learn the truth
to seek the raven - and the blood

travelling for many days
i find the place - where the elves hide
i must seek their knowledge
elves of wisdom - knowledge of mystery
faith growing - deeply
raven and blood - await me

time goes on - i have no longer guidance
have i failed - is this folk lore
confusion within my mind

i look up - and in the tree i see
the raven
and i see the land - covered with blood
raven and blood - they came to me
finally - the eternity


...and the raven became my king
...and the blood embraced me
...and entered my veins
...and provided me with the strength of
the god war

To Enter the Realm of Legend (Live)

Castle of ice, a majestic sight. Falcons, eagles and mighty ravens
circling above guarding this enchanting sight built out of dreams and wishes
dreams and wishes from people of the mighty land
Sorcerers, finishing this bold creation see what they make
gigantic demons of hate a threat to unworthy worms
The wise men's chants call the wolves out of deep winter forests
winter owls, arriving and two mighty goats appear
to the gate they go, to defend the castle of ice

When the Crow's Shadow Falls (Live)

At dusk a stillness falls
Defeated warriors seized from life
Shielding the landscape, they lie
As legions have before them

The crow spirals down
From it's tower of dominion
It's eternal quest is the blood of the slain
It sees battles, victories and visions foretold
It's eyes hold the secrets of eternity

Devouring warriors
Seeking spilled blood
The triple figure of war shall arise
A shape of black shadows
And wind blown leaves
It shall sweep the endless domain

Snowflakes soar on the northern wind
Figures transform to crystal and ice
The voice of the future
Cries out across the land

I am the wind that rolls from the sea
I am the darkness that cloaks your soul
I am the whisper that drifts through the trees
I am the fate that compels you all

The Summoning of Shadows (Live)

Thundering chains of truth
Entwining the immortal souls
Of those darkened through eras
Of hatred - war and betrayal

Coming forth their fiery passion
Sweeps through the night
In agony they await
The glory of destiny's grasp

The truth -
Sought by those
Who dance with infinite darkness

The one dream -
Conjured by torturous lifetimes
A time not ours

Deeper - deeper we shall dwell
Higher - higher we shall rise

Floating -
In a maze of darkened desires
Their eyes alone
Reveal the scars of an eternal existence

Awaiting -
The unveiling of the highest realms
Where the soul
Is freed in honour and pride

Cuchulain (Live)

Under fire were you born
Son of god and mortal
Under warrior's moon
Shining one of an age gone by

Throw the spear of destiny
Spill the blood
Victorious you stand
In flames

Live to kill
Creature of war
Divine is thy soul
Of fire

Oblivious to your mortality
Battle frenzy possesses you
By axe - by sword you slay your enemies

Ride through the night
On your blazing chariot
With torches held high
Their smoke spirals to the heavens
A threatening omen
To those who would dishonour you

Drink the blood - devour the heart
The glory of death shall flow through your veins
With strength were you born
With strength shall you rise

Carrion crows circle the skies
Hungry for the flesh of your prey
Scattered - sun bleached bones
Mark your trail of terror

Throw the spear of destiny
Spill the blood
Victorious you stand
In flames

Live to kill
Creatre of war
Divine is thy soul
Of fire

Dark Rage (7" Version)

By my hand
As a worthless pale memory
They look upon the old
The defiling of our land
And glorious nature
Shall become their undoing
As we lay our hate
And powers upon them

The dark eternity

I am veiled in wind
I am not alone

Unleashed hate and anger
By mountains strength
We shall prevail by our unity
And for the old - for the old

Battle cries shall rage up
From all our valleys
Unleashed hate and anger
By mountains strength
We shall prevail by our unity

Our hurling storms of hatred
Curse their wretched souls
Our great spirit of strength
Shall battle to the death

With wisdom we walk
With might we slay

And their spiritless bodies
We shall dance upon
Peace shall never be thine

And we shall feast
And we shall sing
In our neverending glory
On our path of the wise
We shall dance on our hallowed ground
Our souls are as one
With earth - spirit
And the old - the old

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