1. The Darkest Of Minds
2. GodHead Charlatan
3. The 9th Revolution
4. In The 3rd Dwells Oblivion
5. Hexaeon
6. Punished
7. Ageless Void
8. Christbait
9. What I Crave

1. The Darkest Of Minds

2. GodHead Charlatan

Weakling, the apprehensive tortoise bound
Tomfool, the wretched spawn chained
Idle, the oblivious indulgent collapsed
Infatuated, the duplicate of submission

Plains of flames, cleansing of vermin
I snort the souls of ash

Godhead charlatan

Coma suicide dismantled from witfulness
Loss of obstinacy, loss of power
Displayed in a pilloty to be mocked

All is legerdemain brough upon us
The reason of distrust and famine wars

I will be the leviathan
The pest of murder the rats of the ridicule

Revocation of the godhead charlatans
They breed like rats

Weakling, the apprehensive tortoise bound

Godhead charlatan
Godhead charlatan

3. The 9th Revolution

In those days man will seek death
And not be able to find it
And soon after to die
And death will fly away from them

I... the man of many names
Will help these the human race
I... exterminans the angel of destruction and will
Leads man into his death

I will not convert from my deeds of murder
Nor from my art of sorcery
Or my theft and adultery

For I am the angel
Of the bottomless pit
As when time is near, will lead my family
Through the hole to my kingdom
Therefore I taunt mankind as swarms of insects

I am not the king of Jews
Nor I am a cult leader
I am what you've made me to be
For my inner eye lits my thoughts
My fires in your cities

4. In The 3rd Dwells Oblivion

Far beyond the regions of the sun
Beyond light and creative word
In the level of the underworld
In the third dwells oblivion

The eye has lost it's sense
Darkness it's beyond itself
The abyss neverending
Farthest depths of primordial darkness

The destruction of the body
Is the destruction of the ba
Effacing the shadows of the damned

To nonexistence

Where the sun shines
And no breath of life stirs
Where hearing and sight fades away
And the being itself is shattered

Before the black hole of nonbeing
In which the world will dissolve in the end
In the third step of the underworld
In the third dwells oblivion

5. Hexaeon

Enfeebled swarms of the blind man
Desolate is the horizon
The antidote has been poured in glasses
The coma for the hexaeon

Generations falter
Lurid eyes beyond their backs
As snake come slithering
To smother their necks

A work in slumberland
Visions immortalized
Through vigilance
Dreaming of hexaeon

6. Punished

Again I shall force pain
On you for lies maggot

Your false words grants you pain

I will make you want death cry out his name

Reality will unfold
As my blade sinks into your flesh
No sweet goodness to save you from the pain

You are being punished
Through this dark pain does not

Rise form what you can hell

No hell guides me
As you I do as I please

Reality will unfold
As my blade sinks into your flesh
No sweet goodness to save you from the pain

Punished godless abandoned

7. Ageless Void

Puissance in the abstract
A band can't reach obstances
Mundane, such invisible pillars
The human horror obsolete

Abstract life and all therein
Implode the matter senseable
The will without meaning
Ageless the void of old

The ultimate throne of none-existence
The rabid dog of pandemonium
The king of martyrs and man
The condition we name nothingness

Absorbing the stars
The leper planets fall
Before us, after us
Aeternus in aeternum

8. Christbait

Born abuser alone weak
Torn apart away bleak
Dreams of death needle seek
Loss of will addictive reek

Love lost sucking on self-pity
Dirthead, the lowest of lives
Filthbait, a grand statistic
Christbait, religious worms to feed

Exordium to a new form of disgust
Suction of life-filth into another succumed
Christbait sulcated vermin
A circle of submission into comfort

Body erused trust in god
Weak flesh weak in mind
Have nothing subdued in lies
Empty shell life is dead

9. What I Crave

I drift reveal darkness
I feel see me glow
You give I absorb it
Close the door I seek more

Drawn to might I am
Judge me not I say

I crave power for me
I ask no I take
See reach out I give back
Unity force we dwell high

Drawn to might I am
Judge me not I say

Walk with me we shall wander
Dark and strong we'll never know

Drawn to might I am
Judge me not I say

I fear nothing
Forge the soul again

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